About the OSDB

The OSDB came out of a conversation (and beer) with Tony Williams (of ChemSpider fame) where he commented that we chemistry needed a website where people could share their spectral data. Somehow I can't resist a challenge and with the upcoming session honoring 'J.C. Bradley' at the ACS meeting in Boston (August 2015) I decided to build a site to share spectral data and also make the site open in terms of access, availability of code and developers. Although I gave a presentation at the meeting on the alpha version of this site, feedback from Tony made me rethink the design and implementation significantly and so this beta version is a drastic improvement.
The technology behind the site is the pretty standard stack of Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The coding is done in the indispensible PHPStorm (available for free to academics :) ) which is integrated into the GitHub repo for the site and configured to automatically upload changes to where the site is hosted. This allows me to have a local copy for testing and this public site. Although PHPStorm can integrate with MySQL, I choose to admin the MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin which I highly recommend. Finally, the look and feel and a lot of the functionality are done using Bootstrap and jQuery, with the addition of flot for doing the spectral plots and Jmol for the molecules.
Stuart Chalk - December 2015

Stuart Chalk
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