Project Ideas

This website was conceived by two chemists but it is a resource for the community. We therefore invite and encourage the community to submit small or large enhancements, new features, integrations etc. to the GitHub repository issue tracker. To get you thinking about what could be done here are a few ideas we have.

Note: If you are not familiar with coding in PHP, using GitHub, or creating REST interfaces don't worry, contact Stuart Chalk for help and/or to set up a collaboration.

OSDB project ideas

  • Upgrade JCAMP processing to handle files with multiple spectra and peak tables
  • Automate ingest of batch uploads
  • Automated harvesting of spectra from the web
  • Spectral feature identification
  • Process vendor parameters (where encoded in the JCAMP file)
  • Enhance the spectral plots
  • Peak table processing
  • Peak extraction (based on criteria)
  • Adding other spectral file formats that can be ingested
  • Add chemical Wikidata entries if the don't exist