The Open Spectral Database

is exactly what the title suggests - a place where scientists can share spectral data and export it in a number of formats in order to do open science. Each spectrum gets a persistent identifier and contributors can get recognition for their contributions. The site is also an open source project that you can extend, enhance and share.
Open science, open data, open code, open concept - it's all about the data!
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Submit a Spectrum

Upload a UV/Vis, IR, MS, 1H NMR or 13C NMR spectrum in JCAMP-DX format for everyone to view and download. Users can download the JCAMP-DX file as well as the data encoded in JCAMP XML, JSON, and SciData JSON-LD.

Database Statistics

Contribute Code

Got a great idea for a new feature? Like to code? The OSDB is an open source project hosted on GitHub and built using current web technologies like CakePHP, jQuery, flot and Bootstrap. Join the repo and extend the feature set of this site.